Dmitry Mitichenko,28yo
Senior .NET Developer

About me

A proficient and involved software engineer with excellent design and development skills specializing in the .NET stack. Experienced in all aspects of the software development lifecycle. Solid understanding of OOP, design patterns and software architecture. Over 7 years of the commercial experience.

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  • 2010

    Higher education at Kuban State University (Krasnodar, Russia)

    Master degree, Computer Science and Applied Mathematics

  • 2009

    536 TS: Microsoft .NET Framework - Application Development Foundation


April 2015 - February 2016
.NET developer (server-side)

* The all new version of the Mobile Finance Manager - mobile-banking platform including the universal and highly configurable server application that integrates the financial institution's core processor with a set of client applications, both for mobiles and desktops (also with great variety of configuration options).
200+ of the active client companies (financial institutions) all over the US.
( http://www.accesssoftek.com/mobile-banking )

Worked as a member of the server application team. The main activity has been associated with the extension of application functionality. I have gained the great experience in understanding and applying architectural solutions for the highly loaded applications, got some skills in supporting several frameworks as a hosting platform for the server application ( both WCF and NancyFx ).

Developed web application for analyzing and reading the encrypted log files with support of streamed decoding and possibility of selecting the required log range to download.

WCF ASP.NET MVC WebApi NancyFx jQuery KnockoutJs Bootstrap
October 2015 - January 2016
.NET developer

*A prototype of the system - a platform for publishing information about the company's real estate assets, with basic functionality of CRM system.

The main goal of the project is to find out the possibility of running full-stack .NET-based web application in Linux environment with minimal hardware requirements (as a result with minimal hosting expenses).

At the base - stateless RESTful API and single-page (SPA) front-end implemented with NancyFx platform. Application is running on Debian-based Linux operating system in supervisor container. Also supports external queue (task-spooler app) for image resizing/optimization tasks (using ImageMagick suite).

Mono NancyFx KnockoutJs Bootstrap Entity Framework MySql (MariaDb)
November 2014 - March 2015
.NET developer

* SharePoint portal for the Federal Customs Service - a complex software system that organizes the interaction of Customs Service's branches all over the Russian territory.

I had performed upgrade and installation of one of the modules, that provides the automation of internal document flow.

SharePoint 2010 ASP.NET MVC WCF MS SQL
March 2013 - November 2014
.NET developer (SharePoint, ASP.NET MVC)

* Project for a major state customer. System realizes the input and storage of reference books with a complex dynamic structure with versioning and flexible differentiation of access.

I had implemented the security subsystem with access by roles, limited access to the fields of reference books, authorization based on tokens, as well as the administration interface using KnockoutJS and Bootstrap.

* SharePoint portal for the Russian media holding - internal corporate portal, containing a plurality of add-ons.

I had implemented many informational web-parts that operates with data based on the organization structure. Also implemented a solution that extends the standard SPS2013 Enterprise Search template.

* Workflow solution for the DeskWork extension (SharePoint 2010-2013).

Implemented a solution based on SharePoint workflow for additional automation of the "Journal of absence" module in DeskWork.

SharePoint 2010-2013 ASP.NET MVC EntityFramework JS jQuery Knockout Bootstrap T-SQL WF
November 2013 – August 2014
.NET / SharePoint developer

* SharePoint portal solution for internal use.

I had transformed the external site design to the SharePoint solution and created many of informational web-parts (news, events, ads rotation, etc. ). Also I had developed custom "organization structure" module including visual web-part with structure tree, web service with JSON endpoints, export capability and flexible search.

* Requests management solution for SharePoint 2010

I had implemented a solution for SharePoint providing a convenient interface for internal CRM with the ability to search, and manage requests.

SharePoint 2010 JS jQuery Knockout Bootstrap
July 2011 – March 2013
.NET / SharePoint developer

* “Integrated Functional Controlling System” for the Department of Finance and Budget Supervision of Krasnodar Region - realizes the input of large amounts of financial data with complex structure, its analysis and construction of graphical reports.

I had developed a stand-alone component of the data input and, together with the team - the main UI and methods of the core service. At the last stage I left the sole developer and brought the project to its logical conclusion.

SharePoint 2010 Silverlight Telerik Controls JS jQuery jQuery UI T-SQL WF
August 2012 – November 2012
.NET / ASP.NET MVC developer

* Doсshell.ru service - web-solution to develop a variety of documents using templates prepared by the company employees. http://www.docshell.ru

I had developed user interface and, together with the team, the application architecture. Participated in the project from the beginning and before the first official release.

November 2011 – August 2012
.NET / ASP.NET developer

Developer of server side logic and user interface of one of the FORIS OSS / BSS subsystems. http://www.nvg.ru/en/solutions-and-services/destinations/oss-bss/foris/

ASP.NET JS jQuery Prototype WCF
May 2009 – November 2011
.NET developer

The main role in the team was the UI development. Apart from a few major projects, I had implemented many small solutions for internal automation.

* "ProjectComposition" - project documentation management system built taking into account the characteristics of the company structure.

I had developed a user interface based on Silverlight, including components for intuitive visualization of document life cycle, traction of the project status and appointments management. Together with a team, we had developed the server-side architecture.

* "Problems" - help-desk system with modern UI and flexible configuration.

Had developed a user interface based on solutions made during the previous project - Silverlight components and high-quality visualization.

Silverlight WPF SketchFlow WCF T-SQL WinForms ASP.NET


+7 909 45 37 247
Krasnodar, Russia


.NET / C#
ASP.NET MVC, WebApi, NancyFx
JS, jQuery, Knockout, SPA
Silverlight / WPF


Russian (native)
English (intermediate)